Update - First game released on Steam

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I haven’t posted to this blog for quite a while, here’s some update.

Although I haven’t been so active on this site lately that doesn’t mean I was doing nothing gamedev related. On the contrary, I have been using my spare time to develop and release a game on Steam! Development took about 8 months (initially it had been planned as 6, oh well…). Corpse Mob is a zombie-killing top down shooter and you can check it out on Steam. It is quite simple but I think it’s OK for a start and this is my first full-fledged video game project ever (but not the last, hopefully).

Currently I’m creating prototypes for some new ideas, while working on patches, refactoring and some new content for Corpse Mob. I won’t open source the whole code for this project but I’m planning to post some lessons learned/refactoring experiences to the site over the next few months.

Here’s a release trailer: