Match 3

Disclaimer: This is an old project and contains obsolete/older code, please consider it outdated

A match 3 puzzle game similar to Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga. The game is mainly targeted and optimized for mobile devices but it can be played on desktop or from a browser with a mouse as well. This demo features five playable levels with different winning and losing conditions, level selection and help screens.

Engine: Unity – Platform: Windows, Mobile, WebGL

Match 3 screenshot 1 Match 3 screenshot 2 Match 3 screenshot 3 Match 3 screenshot 4 Match 3 screenshot 5 Match 3 screenshot 6


Windows executable
Android .apk
WebGL online player


Third party assets used in this game:
Handpainted Tileable wall by Gabottles
Free Fantasy Game Gui by GameArt2D
Komika Hands font by Vigilante Typeface Corporation
Ana ana i by Backgroundloop
Summer Ambient by DL Sounds
Mystic Africa Loop by Pascal Talipata
Trail Of The Incas by purpleplanetmusic
Yughues Free Pillars & Columns
StoneWalls Normal Maps
Japanese Zen Garden Pack
Particle Ribbon by Moonflower Carnivore
Diogenes font by Apostrophic Labs