An early alpha demo of Balance, a procedurally generated TPS game where you roam around a dark forest world controlling a golem, fighting huge, procedurally animated spiders and collecting powerups. (The current build has no sound or music).

Engine: Unity – Platform: Windows

Feature highlight:

  • 3rd person character with keyboard + mouse controls and camera follow
  • Procedurally generated 3D terrain chunks based on seed input
  • Pooled and throttled object creation to keep a consistent framerate
  • Dynamic loading and unloading of visible chunks reducing memory and CPU usage
  • Inventory system with a hotbar, stackable items, option to drop the items onto the ground
  • Spider enemies with inverse kinematics procedural animation and ragdolling death
  • Patrol and follow AI for enemies
  • Zoomable automap generated from the chunk data
  • Save-load system serializing world, player and inventory state into a file
  • Firing with auto-aim

The assets are either freely available or have been purchased from the asset store.

balance screenshot 1 balance screenshot 2 balance screenshot 3 balance screenshot 4 balance screenshot 5 balance screenshot 6

Balance Windows build