Greendom is the demo of a chill building/farming game where you help little plant-based aliens terraforming a desert planet. It’s a hex-based 2D game where you must strategically place farms and expand the terraformed territory while managing resources. Most of the map is hidden beneath a dark shroud and must be explored.

Engine: Unity – Platform: Windows

Feature highlight:

  • Large-scale random generated maps handling thousands of tiles and workers at consistent FPS
  • Save/load feature
  • Map editor
  • Progression system with unlockable buildings, upgrades and plants
  • Weather system with unique preferences for each plant and dynamic snow

Assets are either freely available, bought from and Unity asset store or custom made. Special thanks to Kenney whose assets I’ve been using a lot while creating this prototype.

greendom screenshot 1 greendom screenshot 2 greendom screenshot 3 greendom screenshot 4 greendom screenshot 5 greendom screenshot 6

Greendom Windows build