Drone Shooter FPS 1.2 update

1 minute read

It was time to update another oldie from the portfolio: my drone shooting FPS prototype.

This FPS demo was a basic prototype developed from the FPS controller experiments - my first posts on this blog. It had some basic movement and shooting action along with some AI for the enemy drones, player health and ammo management - the usual stuff found in such games.

I decided to make it a little bit more cohesive on the design side altering graphics, lighting, weapon design and audio to give it a stronger sci-fi vibe.

I also wanted to experiment with some stealth action possibilities that’s the main reason for the toned down lighting and the inclusion of searchlights capable of detecting a player (being detected has no consequences yet).

Drone Shooter screenshot Screenshot from the revamped Drone Shooter

I won’t go into technical details now but there were many lessons learned during the update process and I might post about some of the more interesting ones later on. Also, the codebase could use some refactoring and restructuring, that’s the next thing I’m planning to sort out soon.

Update highlights

  • Added Unity Post-processing stack and some PP effects to scene
  • Changed the skybox and most of the textures
  • Tweaked lighting to use realtime GI and light probes
  • Added automatic searchlights which detect player within their light cones and follow the target until line of sight is broken
  • Replaced weapons with more “blaster-like” models, also added volumetric laser projectiles and new weapon sounds
  • Added weapon animations: recoil, weapon switch etc.
  • Added shot decals
  • Added background music
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Various optimizations